Revolution3 Knoxville

Age Group Recap Video


Kelly Williamson speaks at the Awards

Get to know Kelly Williamson :


Greg Bennett speaks of his win at Knoxville

Get to know Greg Bennett:


Post Race Final Thoughts

Audio race recap and interview with female winner Kelly Williamson… with Simply Stu (www.simplystu.com)


Race day gallery


Pro Women Finish Video


Pro Men Finish Video


Top 10 Pro Men

*1ST BENNETT, GREG 1:47:02
2nd Dye, Cameron 1:47:44
3rd Yoder, Andrew 1:48:13
4th VanOrt, Kaleb 1:49:16
5th Foster, Chris 1:49:34
6th Zyemtsev, Viktor 1:50:48
7th Kalashnikov, Ivan 1:50:49
8th Cunningham, Richie 1:51:06
9th Thompson, David 1:51:09
10th Reed, Matty 1:51:45


Women Champion

Congrats to Kelly Williamson!

Top 10 Women:

2nd Goss, Lauren 2:03:06
3rd Wassner, Laurel 2:05:30
4th Lavelle, Becky 2:05:47
5th Meyers, Jessica 2:06:08
6th McLarty, Sara
7th Spieldenner, Jennifer
8th Homo, Malaika
9th Gray, Sarah
10th Oldfield, Madeleine


Pro women at 4 miles.

It’s Williamson! Goss is 27sec back in 2nd. McLarty 2min in 3rd. Lavelle 13sec in 4th

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