Revolution3 Florida

Age Group Recap Videos

Seth Morano & Care2Tri


Last Place Finisher


Top 3 Finisher Videos


Becky Lavelle

Nicole Kelleher

Jessica Jones-Meyers


Jesse Thomas

Andrew Starykowicz

Viktor Zyemstev


Women start video


Men start video


Morning Update


Worst Wetsuit Contest


Good night triathletes!

We’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning. Transition opens at 545am. The swim will be decided early.


Pre-Race Video


Expo is open all day long!

Big sales in the Rev3 retail tent.

QR bikes on display.

Timing is ready to check you in.

Care2Tri booth is ready to go.

Stop by the Medical tent for an A.R.T. massage.

Relax as you recover in the NormaTec booth at the finish line.

Announcer Sean English is excited to bring you all the action this weekend.

Powerbar is here with a full line of their amazing products.

Stop by the Multisport Ministries booth for a wristband and some inspiration.

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usmctriwife usmctriwife: Custom Triathlon Team Kits From Pearl Izumi http://t.co/slZe9OjDeg
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19 hours
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19 hours
MonicaCohen MonicaCohen: Really unhappy that @cedarpoint has decided to CLOSE the park 9/6 for @REV3TRI Cedar Point race. May cancel my trip and race.
23 hours


Video Commercial


Pearl Izumi

Quintana Roo



Acura MDX - A Perfect Day


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